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Reflective Essay in Nursing With Ease

reflective essay in nursing

If you study at a nursing school, you are likely to come across a large number of academic assignments. It may seem that nurses should be able to do everything: understand chemistry and biology, take care of patients, and assist doctors. And they are constantly faced with paperwork. Therefore, during the educational process, you will write a large number of essays, including the reflective one.

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What kind of paper is this?

In a nursing reflective essay, the author, first of all, analyzes his life experience. In fact, this is a platform where you can talk about a case or events from your life, show how have you changed, what lessons you have learned from this.

Why is reflective writing important in nursing?

You probably understand that the profession of a nurse requires a lot of empathy. These professionals do not just fulfill their duties, they live and feel them. Reflection is very important in order to become a good specialist, to maintain sober thinking, to take care of other people. Your task is to put your thoughts on paper, understand what worries you, find answers to important questions.

What is the appropriate nursing reflective essay format?

Reflective papers can be presented in different formats. It depends on your professor. Some of them offer to design the text in the form of diary entries, while others prefer the format of a learning journal.

What the format depends on is the purpose of the assignment and the target audience. You can write exclusively academic reflective nursing essays or be guided by a wider circle of readers, for example when you publish your text in a journal. Your professor can offer you a specific topic, for example, write about taking a medical internship under the supervision of your mentor, caring for patients, completing a training course, etc. It’s just that you should focus not on facts, figures, academic achievements, but on your thoughts and insights.

Professional tips to write a good nursing reflective essay


The first advice from our professional authors is: don’t procrastinate! We understand that it is difficult to sit down and put your fingers on the keyboard. But the sooner you do this, the faster you will achieve the desired result. Here are some helpful tips on how to write a reflective essay in nursing:

  • Read a few similar papers to understand their tone and format.
  • Don’t think too much about what your essay should be. Just start the writing process. Your first draft shouldn’t be perfect. You still have time to edit it.
  • Use the brainstorming technique. It is ideal for reflective essays. When you are not distracted by a smartphone and social networks, you can focus on your thoughts, feelings, feelings.
  • Write an essay outline. It will be your roadmap to help organize all your ideas.
  • Use specific words and concrete examples to convey your impressions and feelings.
  • Write a first-person essay. It should reflect your character, show your true thoughts.
  • Check your plan. If a new idea occurred to you during the writing process, think whether it correlates with an existing essay outline.
  • Choose your words carefully. A reflective nursing essay focuses not so much on the statement of the facts as on the description. That means you have to use a lot of adjectives. Try to express a wide range of feelings, the words “good” or “bad” are not enough.
  • Be honest. The reflective paper involves your sincere and deep thoughts. This is why you cannot just copy someone else’s essay. Readers will immediately suspect a lie and will not feel trust in your essay.
  • Answer your questions: What do I particularly appreciate from my nursing experience? What lessons could I learn? Which of this knowledge can I use in the future? What were the reasons why I made this decision?

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Do you need to look for a reflective nursing essay sample?

After receiving a task from a professor, some students take the time to find a reflective essay sample nursing on the Internet. There are a lot of them at various writing services offering to buy a finished essay. But do not think that this is what will help you come up with good paper. Someone else’s ideas can confuse you. You can read 1-2 essays to understand what other students wrote. But try to concentrate on creating your own story. It will help you to avoid plagiarism and write a really worthy essay.

Take a look at this nursing reflective essay example:

Reflective Essay in Nursing tips 1
Reflective Essay in Nursing tips 2
Reflective Essay in Nursing tips 3

How to write an engaging introduction?

Any essay should begin with a catchy and involving introduction. It contains both an interesting hook that attracts the attention of readers, and your thesis statement. Already in the first paragraph, you need to write a couple of exciting sentences, outline the essence of the essay, and give a brief overview of your nursing experience. Do not rush to present all the information so that the reader remains intrigued.

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Not all nursing students have good writing skills. And this is quite normal. Each person has his own unique talents. In addition, training in a medical school is very time-consuming. Surely you spend a large amount of effort on all tasks from professors. While you are trying to focus on chemistry or biology, our professional authors will write a reflective nursing essay for you. Just send us your requirements: topic, number of pages, deadline, any other information. You can also order paper editing to make sure that it does not contain any mistakes or inaccuracies. Use this opportunity to save time and get an amazing A-lever reflective nursing paper.

FAQ: The Most Popular Questions About the Nursing Writing

What do you write in a reflective essay?

You write about the personal nursing experience, about how he influenced you. What thoughts, feelings, memories do you experience. You can write about your nursing experience as a whole, and choose a specific topic, for example, volunteering, internships in a hospital, and caring for complex patients. You do not need to use statistics, look for some facts and examples. Use your own memory and feelings instead. Surely you daily reflect on your experience. Now you can put it on paper. For example, the patient was very arrogant and impatient. What did you feel at that moment? Could you organize your thoughts and make the right decision?

What is reflective writing in nursing?

In fact, a reflective essay is a very popular student assignment, regardless of school, college or university. But the nursing paper writing process has its own specifics. You describe experiences that are relevant to your nursing education or work. On the one hand, this is easy, since you significantly narrow the topic. On the other hand, it is very important to understand where your personal life is and where is your professional life. How one of them affects the other and vice versa. A reflective essay will help you with this.

How long should my essay be?

It depends on the requirements of your professor. There are no universal recommendations. But if you have not received the number of pages, you should think about your reader. Too short a paper will not help you get the message across. And too long will be read long and boring. Limit yourself to 1-2 pages. If you order an essay in writing service, this is also important, since the number of pages affects the cost of the paper.

What is the Gibbs model of reflection in nursing?

The Gibbs model was developed in 1988, but it has not lost its relevance. It implies the presence of 6 specific steps:

  1. Description
  2. Feelings
  3. Evaluation
  4. Analysis
  5. Conclusions
  6. Action Plan.

These 6 steps will help you write a good essay. First, you describe the context of the event, then move on to your feelings, your own opinion, analysis of the situation. After that, you can draw certain conclusions and outline an action plan. Use this model to compose a good, structured paper. But it doesn’t mean you have to use all of these steps. You can choose some of them if you feel they are really necessary to convey your story appropriately.

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