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What is the nursing philosophy paper?

How to Compose the Best Nursing Philosophy Paper

The philosophy of nursing paper should declare and combine the values, ethics, and beliefs of nurses regarding care towards the patient. Being able to write a paper is a crucial skill for every nurse. With it, the approach to every patient is created. 

How do you create a nursing philosophy paper?

Working as a nurse, you might be performing in challenging conditions that are emotionally draining. Patients focus on their healing rather than the well-being of a nurse which might lead to the conflict.Your beliefs are important when it is getting difficult, when a patient gets well and leaves, or when you lose a patient. 

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The perception of the nurse career is influenced by several factors. being humans, we all have some values, contributing to our beliefs. Writing a paper, you should focus on the most important things for you. Think about the knowledge you got from nursing school, other healthcare professionals, and interactions with patients. 

A personal nursing philosophy for students 

A nurse profession supposes a deep connection with your beliefs and values. When you write a nursing philosophy paper, define traits and skills you feel a nurse should possess. Writing this essay, you will define the reason why you want to be a nurse. 

This will help you devote yourself to the career. With your personal philosophy, you will be better emotionally and mentally connected to your work. The balance between these 2 things is a must for every successful nursing career.

Practicing nurses personal philosophy

Being a practicing nurse, you will use your philosophy every day at work. Being a nurse, you will be pressed to give a certain quality service. Your principles might be eroded by long working hours in uncomfy environments and among unfriendly people. 

Take your time to rediscover your beliefs, values, aspirations, and goals. If you write your essay on nursing, it will contribute both emotionally and mentally to your well-being. 

Despite the fact that writing a nursing paper might seem pointless, it will motivate you and assist in overcoming burnout. If you cope with this assignment, it will prove you are devoted and passionate about your career.

How to compose a nursing philosophy paper?

To cope with this task, follow these steps:

  1. Begin your nursing philosophy paper with the introduction that contains a catchy hook and thesis statement. 
  2. Define what nursing is meaning to you personally. It must be personal and not formal.
  3. Explain the reason why nursing is crucial for you. 
  4. Introduce your traits and values with a short story, defining why nursing is so necessary for you.
  5. Discuss the way you want to influence the community, working as a nurse. Provide the reader with a nursing philosophy paper example. 
  6. Highlight your beliefs and values that are important for you in the conclusion.

Why is nursing philosophy so important?

It is necessary because it directs every activity and move of the future nurse. It is not a secret that everything starts with our thoughts and ideas that come to our minds. The motives are one of the most important things to be appropriate for every nurse. For instance, imagine a person who does not want to help and take care of people and becomes one day a nurse by accident. If he or she has wrong motives instead of the desire and passion to save people’s lives and treat them carefully, one day he or she might make the wrong decision which will lead even to the death of the patient. So who is guilty in this case? Of course, a nurse with improper motives. 

Besides, it is worth mentioning that if you have wrong beliefs and values, you will never succeed in your nursing career, no matter how hard you try to look perfect. All your values will be exposed one day even if you hide them.

However, if your motives are honorable and worthy, you will definitely succeed being a nurse. Meaning, what is inside of you defines what you are doing and how you are doing your everyday tasks. So check your heart before you choose the nursing career path and figure out whether your motives are appropriate for this profession.

Tips to write a nursing essay better:

1. Define what the nursing profession means to you exactly. For instance, you might answer the following questions:

  • What is the nursing profession for you?
  • Why is it necessary for me?
  • What does a nurse contribute to society?
  • What makes a good nurse?
  • What skills and qualities are a must for nurses?
  • Which core values must every nurse possess?
  • What mistakes might a nurse never make?

2. Add the story, elaborating on your personal skills, traits, and values. Describe why and how you managed to cope and give a nursing philosophy paper example.

3. Tell how you personally contribute to the well-being of society and the way you want to impact it.

4. Highlight your skills, traits, and values, meaning the most to you.

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Sample nursing philosophy paper:

Sample nursing philosophy paper

What is the best method to compose a nursing philosophy paper?

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Summing all up…

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In developing a personal statement, you should apply the nursing theory. Every nursing student knows that nursing practices are rather complicated ones if delivering quality assistance. American nurses often misunderstand the nature of nursing which is all about using your knowledge and skills to the full extent. A professional nurse is a person who provides patient and family members with correct patient care. So the patient outcomes prove that there was quality care applied. Sometimes the compassionate care is required in health care by health care professionals. Check out the nursing philosophy essay samples to create the best personal philosophy of nursing.

What should a nursing philosophy paper consist of?

The nursing philosophy paper is all about defining your core values and motives about the profession. In this paper, you are supposed to reflect your beliefs regarding the profession of the nurse as well as your goals. This essay is similar to any other type of academic paper and includes introduction, main body, and conclusion.

What is your main values being a nurse?

Many men, many minds. The nursing profession might mean a different thing for every nurse. some of the nurses claim they want to work as a nurse because they like to take care of patients while others say they like to communicate and calm down patients. The philosophy of nursing is different for everyone. 

How do you generate a nursing philosophy statement?

Writing your nursing philosophy statement, you should concentrate on the most important thing regarding your profession. Tell the reader about your main goal and reason why you want to be a nurse. Include your best traits of character and values when composing a nursing philosophy statement. Try to highlight your strengths and avoid mentioning your weaknesses. 

What are the five main values of being a nurse as a profession?

There are 5 main values connected with care in the nursing profession. They are integrity, altruism, autonomy, human dignity, and social justice. If you have, at least, 3 of them, you will succeed in the nursing career. Therefore, try to develop these qualities in you as much as you can.

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