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Why is it important to articulate your personal philosophy of nursing?

articulate your personal philosophy of nursing

Philosophy of nursing starts with a structured realization of someone’s attitude towards nursing like principles, values, priorities, and beliefs that impact the high-quality provision of nursing care. Some people think that this philosophy is too pathetic to be necessary and valuable in the professional nursing practice world. In fact, every nurse starts with a certain philosophy. It guides the nurse’s relationships with stakeholders, caregivers, and patients. So take it into account answering the question of why is it important to articulate your personal philosophy of nursing. 

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What is the nursing philosophy paper?

If you glance at different nursing philosophy examples, you will figure out that they often contain many abstract notions and concepts. Therefore, the nursing philosophy is becoming a type of overarching reality, helping you navigate via the complex world of nursing care and health. Being a student, you might need to select a proper topic for your project and compose a strong nursing philosophy essay. However, your main target should not be just earning the highest grade. Just follow the pieces of advice and tips to create a great paper. Have a deeper look into the nursing practice essence. Compose this essay like you articulate your deepest concerns, values, principles, and beliefs. It is your opportunity to systemize the existing nursing knowledge and pour some personal light on the common pro dilemmas that affect the nursing profession. 

By articulating your personal philosophy of nursing you get a chance to realize how you feel about this profession and your real intentions about accomplishing your profession target and mission. When you develop your personal nursing philosophy, it might get difficult but you can actually do it since your philosophy will modify the ways the things at the workplace are done. It will generate a roadmap to achieve the best clinical and professional results. It will provide you with a confidence sense and ability to integrate personal experiences and scientific knowledge into the competent nursing care provision. It is the way you organize and systemize everything you have learned about the nursing profession. Your philosophy of nursing paper is a chance to evaluate your weaknesses and strengths, engage in self-reflection, and generate a model of action that would assist you in improving clinical and patient outcomes.

How to generate a personal philosophy of nursing essay?

Florence Nightingale’s philosophy is example of nursing

You should and can learn how to compose a nursing philosophy essay by yourself. In fact, nursing theory and nursing philosophy are related and include the discussion of your practices, perceptions, and beliefs in the profession of a nurse. Utilizing plain language, this is exactly what you believe the nursing is. Florence Nightingale’s philosophy is your example of nursing. Take into consideration your perspectives and leadership styles, skills, and experiences. Review the things you think matter for caring and successful nursing. It might take some time to define your strongest priorities and beliefs. To sum up, you will get to more systematic nursing understanding, based on your own perceptions, attitudes, and experiences of the surrounding reality. 

Why is nursing philosophy so necessary?

It is necessary since it frames the direction of every activity and moves for each practice nurse. utilizing the empirical studies results, you will make proper clinical decisions. With learning nursing philosophy, you will be able to understand and identify your professional target. It will become your personal philosophy building block like Florence Nightingale’s theory for modern nurse practitioners. It is impossible to succeed in your nurse career if you do not have enough understanding of your cause and target. Philosophy is a self-discovery strategy. It is an opportunity for you to define your career progress drivers, the incentives and factors that inspire and motivate you, the barriers you might face on your way to perfection. It is a solid reason to answer all the “why” questions you have. As soon as you have the answers, you will be aware of what to do not to make common professional problems and the way to structure your activities. You will be aware of how to build relationships with supervisors and patients in professional ways that do not compromise your convictions and beliefs.

You might want to get to know how to develop teaching nursing philosophy. To tell the truth, the whole process is similar. Look into the way the practitioners coped with this noble mission in the past. Have a look at Florence Nightingale which might be an example for every nurse in the 21st century. You might take beliefs and values which guided Florence Nightingale as a turning point in your self-exploration and philosophic analysis. Note that this process is rather continuous. There is no end to it. Your philosophy is a journey that you use during your life being a nurse.

In patient care, every specialist should have beliefs about what nursing personally means to them. So every and each of the American nurses as well as nursing students should have their opinion on the philosophy of nursing for the best care of patient and family.

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