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Personal philosophy of nursing paper

personal philosophy of nursing paper

The career of a nurse is perceived by society as very important and responsible. Its main feature is that nurses do not strive for good earnings and similar opportunities. They have completely different goals, such as helping people, social responsibility, etc. This profession must be a true calling so that someone wants to devote their whole lives to it.

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Why is it important to articulate a personal philosophy of nursing? Each specialist has one’s own personal philosophy. Therefore, when you participate in a nursing education program, you may be faced with an assignment to write a personal nursing philosophy paper. Until you put your thoughts on paper, your thinking is only in your head. You probably have some beliefs that determine your attitude towards patients and your work responsibilities. Someone these values are formed in early childhood, while other people come to this more responsibly. In any case, you should formulate your values in order to understand the path that you are following. We are ready to provide you with some useful tips for creating an awesome A-paper.

Main tips to craft your paper 

Writing such an essay can be challenging. It is not just a regular paper that you write for your college every week. This text can change your, and your readers’ lives. You can find some inspiration there, and we are ready to provide you with useful tips to master this art. 

Understand your personal care concept

Developing your personal nursing philosophy is impossible without understanding what care means to you. It should be not just a definition from Google or a dictionary, but something more personal. Close your eyes and think about what exactly this profession means to you? What is the point you put into this? Write down your thoughts, even if they seem insignificant to you. This is your personal experience and it matters.

Share your story

Examples from your childhood or adolescence will breathe a little life into your personal philosophy of nursing paper. If you want to confirm that you were created for the profession of a nurse, you need to find illustrations from your life for this. Remember the times when you happened to show your values. If you are caring, write about how you looked after puppies in childhood. Or have you always aspired to volunteer and participated in international camps? You definitely have good stories.

Dream about your future

Think about how your experience will help you in your future career. Perhaps you want to work in a hospital, go to an African country and help children, volunteer, support people in hospices. In fact, even though a nurse’s career is not very profitable, there are many opportunities that will broaden your horizons. What exactly are you dreaming about? Surely there is some way that seems very close to you.

Identify your weaknesses

On the one hand, you have a certain body of knowledge and skills that encourage you to study in a nursing program. On the other hand, you probably have areas for improvement. You can be a very empathetic and caring person, but not have time management skills. Some nurses want to work abroad and therefore want to learn Spanish or Chinese. Others want to learn skills to help victims in hot spots. Depending on how you see your career, you can identify your weaknesses and mention this in your paper.

Reflex about your nursing career

Your professor entrusts you with such a task not only in order to assess your analytical and writing skills. Think of it as a chance to reflect on your life, past, and future. At the crazy pace of modern life, we do not always stop to philosophize. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to write a good paper:

  • What does nursing mean to you?
  • What associations do you have when thinking about the profession of a nurse?
  • What are the main nursing care challenges for you?
  • What qualities do you think a nurse should have?
  • Do you believe that nursing can be a perspective sphere?
  • Do you know a nurse who would be a role model for you?
  • What values ​​are common to the nursing community?
  • Do you have hard days? What are they connected with?
  • What part of your nursing job can you name the most unloved?
  • How do you feel about your patients?
  • Do you like working alone or as a team?
  • Are you ready to obey a doctor?
  • How do you work with scandalous and complex patients?

In the process of reflection, you will have other questions. Write down the ideas that come to your mind. This will help you determine your personal philosophy and write a decent paper that deserves the attention of the audience. It is very important that this text be sincere, full of passion, and real emotions. Personal philosophy is more than just a set of rules, it is your mindset, your lifestyle. 

Do you need an essay sample? 

If you do not know what your paper should be, you can read the personal philosophy of nursing paper examples written by professional authors or fellow students. This is a great opportunity for your inspiration. You will understand which structure is optimal, what other authors have strengths, you will see possible errors that can be avoided.

Keep in mind that you should not copy the text of someone’s paper. This can be taken as plagiarism, even if you rewrite sentences in your own words. Use examples for inspiration or order paper written from scratch for you.

personal philosophy of nursing paper sample 1

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personal philosophy of nursing paper sample 2
personal philosophy of nursing paper sample 3

Why do you need an essay writing help 

Of course, you can write such a paper yourself. Still, this is your personal story that cannot be invented. If you have chosen the path of a nurse, there must be something really important behind this decision. Not all people decide to abandon the joys of life in order to take care of patients.

But the situations are different. Some students have to work hard to pay for their studies. Or they do not have good writing skills that will allow them to prepare the amazing paper. If A-grade is really important to you, you should take the help of a professional author. When placing an order, you should send as much personal data as possible. It can be your notes, drafts, any ideas that are relevant to your nursing career. This will allow the author to make your paper more personalized. You can also keep in touch and control the writing process. Eventually, you will receive a custom text that meets all the requirements of your professor.

Choosing a writing service, you can rely on a company that offers quality papers at an affordable price and in a clear time frame.

4 questions about the nursing philosophy paper

What is a personal philosophy of nursing?

Nursing personal philosophy is a set of values, ideals, outlooks on life. This is a certain type of thinking that sets you apart from other people. Moreover, each nurse can have her own personal philosophy. Yes, all of you have the same profession, but you may have different needs, different life stories, and prerequisites in order to choose this path. You should also remember that personal philosophy can change at different stages of life. Therefore, you should write such a paper so that you can periodically check it to find some insights. 

How do you start a personal philosophy of nursing paper?

Any paper begins with an introduction. If you write an essay not only for yourself but for some audience, you should consider the opinion of your readers. Think about who these people are and what they want to learn from you. In your introduction, you will introduce them to the topic, describe the importance of this paper, and show why they should read it. An introduction is an opportunity to intrigue readers, and explain to them some points that would better allow you to understand this essay and your personality.

Why is the personal philosophy of nursing paper important?

This paper has value for both you and your readers.

How is it important to you? It helps to structure your thoughts, understand your values, and build your career plan. Having defined your nursing philosophy, you can find answers to many important questions for you.

How is it important for your readers? They will receive more information about the nursing profession. They will understand what tasks and challenges you face. It is very important that society understands the importance of this job and appreciates it.

How do you format a personal philosophy of nursing paper?

There are certain formatting rules, depending on the style. It can be Chicago, MLA, APA, etc. Each college and university has its own specific standards. Therefore, the first thing you should do is carefully study the requirements of your professor. Download the current guide so that you have the opportunity to access it at any time. Or take the help of a professional author if you don’t want to spend a lot of time editing. Any mistake can affect your grade.

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