Get inspired by nursing ethics research paper topics

Get inspired by nursing ethics research paper topics

Nursing is a very specific profession. It requires not only good knowledge of medicine, physical fitness, and empathy. It is important that you have certain moral values ​​that will help provide the best care for your patients. In the process of education, internships and real work, you will encounter a lot of ethical dilemmas in nursing. Sometimes you will have to make decisions that will not respond 100% to you. This is the main reason your professor can instruct you to write an essay on basic ethical issues. Below you will find interesting nursing ethics research paper topics for your inspiration.

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Religious issues

You probably know that there are still such religious beliefs that prohibit the use of certain branches of modern medical science. Those who hold such religious views refuse to visit doctors and do not even use emergency services if necessary. They refuse blood transfusion even if it can save their life. And nurses need to find a balance. On the one hand, they must respect the wishes of patients, but on the other hand, the nurse must be an adherent of evidence-based medicine and demonstrate to the patient all the benefits of official treatment.

Women’s health issues

This is another topic that causes a lot of discussions. There are many doctors and nurses who have opinions on women’s health and reproductive rights. But the reality is often different; finding a compromise is not so simple. For example, what should I do if a pregnancy threatens the patient’s life? Is it worth providing a woman comfortable care if she wants to have an abortion, and the nurse strongly does not support this? A huge number of women become pregnant every year, and therefore you and your colleagues can encounter similar dilemmas at any time.

Emotional protection

The American nurses constantly work with patients whose emotional background is fragile enough. Or it could be their relatives. You may encounter a situation where the family does not want to tell the patient his real diagnosis, or, conversely, the patient does not want to tell relatives about one’s condition. In this case, if you choose the nursing profession you should remember that it is like being between two fires because nurses have responsibility for the emotional stability of all parties. There are many tactics here and you can do nursing research to determine which ones are most effective and ethical at the same time.

Resources distribution issues

If you are studying in a nursing school, then you are probably a little familiar with the realities of working in hospitals. Clinic resources are usually minimal, and it is the nurses who decide how to distribute them correctly. They should be able to prioritize, understand which of the patients needs more care. For example, a patient in a vegetative state may not seem the real priority for the healthcare team, but he also has a family that takes care of him.

As a nurse, you will constantly have to face ethical dilemmas. By choosing one of these topics, you can definitely write a good nursing research paper if you approach this responsibly. Or take advantage of professional help to order a custom research paper and save yourself a lot of time.

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