Baby boomers and nursing shortage research paper

Baby boomers and nursing shortage research paper

One of the biggest problems in the entire healthcare system is the shortage of nurses. In countries such as the United States, it is even at a crisis stage. Most health care workers have reached the age of 50. This means that in another 10-15 years they will reach retirement age and will not be able to serve the current number of patients.

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In addition, it is worth considering that with the development of medical technology, nursing is becoming increasingly complex. It’s not easy to face physical, emotional, and mental stress. Statistics show that boomer nurses do not enjoy their work as much as the millennials. So, if you were assigned with baby boomers and nursing shortage research paper, we know what exactly will help you on this way. 

How do baby boomers affect the nursing shortage?

It is not a secret that as one age, a person needs more medical quality care. The vast majority of elderly patients have at least one chronic disease. It is also known that the generation of baby boomers has a longer average life expectancy than their parents. This means that they have the ability to be treated for years. And the number of nurses is simply not enough to satisfy all the needs of this generation.

How to solve the problems with the shortage of nurses

First of all, this problem can be solved at the local level. Hospitals face staff shortages and see what options they have. This may be closing the wing of the clinic or an increase in hours for registered nurses. In the first case, the hospital simply will not be able to provide assistance to all patients, and in the second case, the nursing workforce will lead to stress and emotional overload.

Another solution for the nursing shortage is to deal with young specialists. It is important to understand why they are leaving the profession. It is necessary to understand what motivates specialists, to find out their level of involvement. And, of course, it is necessary to focus on attracting new personnel and their worthy training. Millennials today are looking for slightly different conditions than baby boomers, and it is worth providing them with something they really need. 

It can be interesting tasks, a decent salary, new challenges, business trips, interesting workshops. Young people love to work in a good team and appreciate adequate leadership in the nursing field. The government can also provide them with scholarships for education. One of the most important tasks is to boost the attitude of society to the nursing profession. These are those specialists who need praise and encouragement, feedback from patients. If nurses feel unnecessary as a servant, they simply leave the profession.

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