Nursing philosophy paper metaparadigm

Nursing philosophy paper metaparadigm

While studying at a nursing program, you can get a task to write a nursing philosophy paper metaparadigm. 

It is intended for students who are going to obtain professional nursing education to better understand the specifics of their future profession and to feel personal nursing philosophy deeply. What is the meta paradigm? In essence, it is a set of ideas that provide structures for the functioning of nursing. In this case, we are talking about 4 main concepts that are relevant to the patient, his health and well-being, responsibilities for caring for him. Of course, some philosophers have other theories of nursing, but we want to offer you 4 basic nursing meta paradigms that will help you learn more about the nursing profession and write a good nursing philosophy paper.

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The first component: personal 

This is the first and the most essential component of the nursing metaparadigm. It focuses on the person who gets help. But here you can also include people associated with patients, for example, one’s family members and closest friends.

Nurses should understand that the structure of good care should include not only physical needs but also spiritual and social ones. A positive mood and personal connections really contribute to the recovery and improvement of the overall well-being of the patient. And good nurses can create the appropriate atmosphere at the hospital.

The second component: environmental

Speaking of nursing meta paradigms, it is worth mentioning the environment that affects the patient. The health and well-being of patients depend on internal and external influences. It is about interacting with relatives, friends, and other patients at the clinic. But not only that matters. It is also important to take into account the economic conditions, country, state and city, the presence of social ties, the introduction of technology in the hospital, and the healthcare system. This component of the meta paradigm suggests that the nurse can influence environmental factors in order to positively affect the patient’s health status.

The third component: health

The meta paradigm concept refers to the degree of access to medical services a patient has. This is not about a specific hospital, but about how the health care system is implemented in the country. If it works, it affects the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well-being of patients. These are the factors that affect the patient’s health in the long run.

The fourth component: nursing

This is an equally important component, which includes organizing a safe and caring environment for the patient. Nurses need a large amount of knowledge and skills that will help professionally organize work and communicate with patients. There are many scenarios regarding the patient’s health, but the nurse must choose the best one. It is important to provide a good level of service and work smoothly, taking into account all 3 previous components during the advanced nursing practice.

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