How to write a nursing philosophy paper

How to write a nursing philosophy paper

Have you decided on your personal nursing philosophy?

Whether you understand it or not, your philosophy has a really very big influence on your profession. In fact, this is important not only for patient care. Each person works using certain beliefs and values that help one build a strategy. And if you got a task from your professor, but don’t know how to write a nursing philosophy paper, use this as a great opportunity! This is a chance to think about your life values, about what led you on the path of a nursing career. Having decided on your philosophy, you will get a deeper connection with yourself. This is what will help you overcome all the difficulties of the nursing profession. You will identify your strengths and weaknesses. In the future, you can revise your philosophy by making adjustments to it. It will be useful not for the regular essay only, but for the dissertation as well. You can check the nursing philosophy paper example for your inspiration.

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What is the personal nursing philosophy?

If you are already a registered nurse or just studying at the appropriate program, you probably have certain beliefs. They determine what decisions you will make in different situations when your patients or their families need you for healing. Your personal philosophy may be a global strategy, but it reflects on your actions daily. Thus, if we talk about the definition of nursing philosophy, this is a set of views and beliefs related to your profession.

How to write a nursing philosophy paper

This task is very common for nursing students. It will really help you think in a new way and prepare you for your first interviews. Moreover, in the process of writing this paper, you will look at your future profession with a critical look, evaluate its advantages and disadvantages.

Honestly, each person initially has one’s personal philosophy nursing, you do not need to invent it. Here are some questions you need to answer:

  • What is nursing practice for you?
  • Why is this so important to me?
  • Is it easy to work in the hospital? Why not?
  • Why are professional nurses important to society?
  • What skills determine a good nurse?
  • What skills are needed for every nurse?
  • What set of values ​​is required for any nurse?
  • Are there any mistakes that are not permissible for nurses?

By creating this list, you will begin to ask yourself new questions. In the process, you will find new insights and combine them into personal nursing philosophy. Here are some useful steps you need for your paper.


To begin with, determine that nursing care means for you personally. This should not be a formal definition from the Internet, find your words.


Remember one or more stories that confirm your values, traits, and skills. Think about how you can use this in your paper. Examples of a life-saving philosophy will help make your paper more convincing.


Write about how you can contribute to society by caring for patients. This can be work at home, volunteering, help with hospices, etc.


In conclusion, you should highlight the values ​​and nursing skills that are of great importance to you. If you can, use this for your future experience. Show your readers what you can achieve by getting an education and first practical experience.

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