How to write a personal nursing philosophy paper

How to write a personal nursing philosophy paper

Has received an unusual task from your professor? Perceive it as a perfect chance to understand your personality and to help your student and career development. 

A nursing philosophy is a set of beliefs, values, and ethical concepts that help determine your attitude to the job. On the one hand, philosophy seems to be an academic science, which is considered to be unnecessary for nursing students. On the other hand, each person has one’s own philosophy. This is what motivates you to wake up every day, pay attention to your duties, strive for greater success. That’s why you should be happy if your professor has assigned you with such a task. It is good for your personality, your career, and your patients at the same time. 

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What if you don’t know how to write a personal nursing philosophy paper? It’s not complicated to understand the most important points. Read on our useful tips to come up with an A-grade student text.

Your beliefs

The first thing you need to do is to identify the beliefs that help you develop in the nursing profession. What nursing means for you? Why did you choose this job? Why couldn’t you succeed anywhere except for this? What do you think are the most difficult responsibilities for a nurse?

You probably understand that health workers have to work hard in difficult conditions. Such work often leads to burnout. And if you have certain beliefs, this will help you find daily motivation for quality patient care.

Theoretical knowledge

Personal philosophy nursing should include an element of theory. In the process, you make not only emotional decisions but also professional ones. Many medical theorists have already conducted research on the behavior of a nurse in a given situation. And the theoretical information woven into your philosophy will help you make it more convincing for your readers.

Grow as your career progresses

It is important to understand that personal nursing philosophy is a real art. You cannot define your beliefs and values once and for all. They change during your life and at different stages of your career. Therefore, in the process of writing the paper, you can recall your previous experience, analyze your main changes. In the future, you will also be able to reconsider your views.

How to form a philosophy and write a paper

Do not think that you need to come up with your personal philosophy from scratch. This is already part of your personality. Even if you never thought about it, you already have a certain type of thinking that determines your behavior in the hospital. With academic education and nursing practice, you will learn a lot. Your views may change and you should be prepared for this. Therefore, you can record some of your insights. If at some point in the interaction with the patient you clearly felt why you chose this particular profession, write it down.

Before starting the writing process, you need to draw up the structure of your paper. Identify the main issues and provide answers to your readers. Or leverage the help of professional writers who will write an excellent paper from scratch for you.

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