Concept synthesis paper on personal nursing philosophy

Concept synthesis paper on personal nursing philosophy

You got the task to come up with a concept synthesis paper on personal nursing philosophy? Take your time to think that it is incredibly difficult and put off the writing process until the very last day before the deadline. This is really a scientific work, but it matters not only for your academic performance but also for personal development. In the process of preparing the paper, you will need to deal with the definition, description, research, and application of concepts that form your personal nursing philosophy.

This means that you can delve deeper into your personal value system, better understand your beliefs about your nursing practice. And, of course, you get a chance to impress your professor.

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Concept synthesis paper format

The first thing you need to do is carefully examine the paper size. It will consist of 4 main sections:

  1. A 1-page nursing autobiography where you present your patient care experience. Why have you chosen the nursing profession? What are the main challenges?
  2. A presentation of the four meta paradigms of nursing care, as well as your point of view on each of these aspects
  3. Identification and discussion of at least two practice-specific concepts
  4. A numbered list of your propositions (at least 5) that are relevant to the concepts described above. Make some assumptions from personal experience.

Main issues to consider for your concept synthesis paper on personal nursing philosophy

Starting to write your personal philosophy of nursing paper, you will have to take time to think and answer important questions. First, determine how you can use the 4 established meta paradigms in your personal nursing practice. Think about which concepts you already use and which of them can be called universal? Can you single out theorists from nursing or other medical fields that would also be consistent with these concepts? Next, when you define a list of different concepts, such as change theory or health promotion models, you need to consider how they are integrated into your nursing philosophy and practice.

Take the time to gather information to find some reliable research supporting these theories and concepts. How can they be applied to the hospital or organization in which you work?

Writing down the answers to these questions, you can structure your paper and prepare an informative essay.

What should be your paper?

Make sure that your document is carefully structured and meets all the requirements of your professor. Depending on the formatting style you need, you need to check all the text and edit it so that it meets the standards. Most likely it will be APA style, so you can use the current edition of the Guide. The whole volume also depends on the required format, but don’t make it too short. If you have some thoughts to explain the researches and other data provided, do it. It develops your personal nursing philosophy and your personality as well. 

Also make sure that your paper gets a name that matches its main idea.

In fact, many students consider this task to be one of the most difficult in the nursing program. If you share this opinion, take advantage of professional writing assistance that will save you time and effort!

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