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The 144 Best Pediatric Nursing Topics for Research Paper

The 144 Best Pediatric Nursing Topics for Research Paper

Is choosing pediatric nursing topics for research paper difficult?

Finding proper nursing research paper topics might be difficult for students. Despite the fact they know the selected subject well, meeting deadlines, finding sufficient sources, formatting rules, and incorrect structure often makes it impossible not to undergo strict grading. Most of the students have little space and time for actual research which makes them search for simple solutions that are not reliable always. Pediatric nursing topics for a research paper must be well-selected, include professional definitions and terms, be with proper citations to back up the ideas discussed.

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The rules to write an essay better

The research paper on nursing must include the intro, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion along with the Works Cited page. Most students are asked to compose a personal reflection journal, that is crucial for nursing practices. the topic might be either provided or a student has to select the pediatric nursing research topics themselves. If the student was not provided with definite pediatric nursing research questions, it is necessary to keep writing in the academic style without first-person and colloquial language. When you introduce the facts that are not general knowledge, cite properly not only to back up ideas but also to avoid the risk of plagiarism.

Samples of pediatric nursing essays:

Samples of pediatric nursing essays 01
Samples of pediatric nursing essays 02

The best pediatric nursing topics for a research paper:

The best pediatric nursing topics for a research paper
  1. Autism And Vaccination.
  2.  ADHD treatment and causes.
  3. Social Media Impact & Eating Disorders. 
  4. The Antibiotic Resistance in the Preschool Kids.
  5. Seizures Causes in Infants.
  6. Healthy Eating & Child Obesity. 
  7. Adolescent Medicine Practices.
  8. Speech Disorders Therapy.
  9. Pediatric Care Ethics.
  10. Acute Coronary Syndrome Treatment.
  11. Psychological Aspects of Infant Care.
  12. Reasons Behind the Anxiety Disorders.
  13. Clinical Cardiology Innovations.
  14. Bipolar Disorder in Non-Chemical Practices.
  15. CV Imaging Process.
  16. Psychiatric Care & Mental Health in Adults.
  17. Migraine Case Example.
  18. Weight & Obesity Management Programs.
  19. Oral & Dental Health in the United States.
  20. Sports & Exercise Medicine.
  21. Neonatal & Maternal Practices in the Rural Areas.
  22. Post-natal Period & Mental Illness. 
  23. The First Antenatal Appointment Analysis.
  24. Length & Shift Study Midwives.
  25. Midwifery Continued Care.
  26. Natal Safety & Self-Instruction Kits.
  27. Gestational Weight Gain Challenges.
  28. Positive Birth Experience Case Study.
  29. Childbirth Efficacy Analysis.
  30. Obese Pregnant Women Safety Rules.
  31. Alzheimer’s Disease.
  32. Joint Disorders Study in the Elderly Population.
  33. Atrial Fibrillation Study.
  34. Cardiovascular Risk Reduction.
  35. Bladder Cancer Therapy.
  36. Critical Care Requirements.
  37. Cerebrovascular Disease & Stroke.
  38. Geriatrics Ethics. 
  39. Parkinson’s Disease Precautions.
  40. Restless Legs Syndrome.
  41. Prognosis & Breast Cancer Treatment.
  42. Menopause Challenges.
  43. Infertility Ethical Rules.
  44. Contemporary Neonatal Practices.
  45. Pregnancy Prevention Measures.
  46. Ovarian Disorder Analysis.
  47. Reproductive Endocrinology.
  48. Female Sexual Health Disorders.
  49. Sleep Disorders in Women.
  50. Depression Causes.
  51. Vaginal Atrophy Causes.
  52. Alcohol Addiction Disorders.
  53. Bipolar Disorder.
  54. Schizophrenia Diagnostics.
  55. PTSD in U.S. A.’s Army Veterans.
  56. Video Games & Teenage Aggression. 
  57. Stress Among the Police Officers.
  58. Psychiatric Patient Ethics.
  59. Forbidden Substances Prevention Use.
  60. Recovery Methods & Physical Traumas. 
  61. Headache Treatment Protocol.
  62. Abdominal Pain Management in Kids.
  63. Opioid Use in Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  64. Pain Management Controversy & Botulinum Toxin.
  65. Innovative Injection Use. 
  66. Therapeutic Injections: The Cons and Pros.
  67. Opioids & Bone Healing. 
  68. Myofascial Pain Rehabilitation.
  69. Pain Limits Analysis.
  70. Evidence-Based Recommendations in Primary Care.
  71. Phantom Pains Phenomenon.
  72. Information Collection Ethics in Primary Healthcare.
  73. Contemporary Vaccination Programmes in Remote & Rural Areas.
  74. Primary Health Care Economic Evaluation.
  75. Private Sectors in the Mental Health Service System.
  76. Medically Unexplained Symptoms in the ER.
  77. Childcare Services Integration in Primary Healthcare.
  78. Local Pharmacist Involvement in the Physician’s Work.
  79. Healthcare Financing Strategies Bias.
  80. Medical Care Quality Evaluation Methods.
  81. Labor & Delivery Management Practices.
  82. Abortion Care Ethical Side.
  83. Adolescent Gynecology Education.
  84. Hypertensive Disorders Causes.
  85. Pre-Term Labor Dangers.
  86. Caesarean Section Preparation.
  87. Child Challenges & Saving Mother. 
  88. Newborn Resuscitation Rules.
  89. Delivery Room Behavior Checklist.
  90. Nursing Theorists Works.
  91. Antenatal Care Recommendations.
  92. Ethics & Homeless People Treatment.
  93. Professional Service & Between Career. 
  94. Critical Care Nursing Management.
  95. Clinical Nurse Roles.
  96. Nursing Practitioners.
  97. Diversity in Healthcare.
  98. Digital Age & Future of Nursing.
  99. Stress Management Practice for the Night Shifts.
  100. Remote Intensive Care Unit Questions.
  101. Role of School Nurses.
  102. Benefits & Shortages of Telemedicine.
  103. Parental Roles for the Healthy Lifestyle of Kids.
  104. Sports & Healthy Eating. 
  105. Adolescent Education on the Safe Sex Culture.
  106. Pharmacist Responsibility.
  107.  Role & Social Work of Health Promotion Specialist.
  108. Prevention Initiatives & Disease Control.
  109. Medical Sales Promotion Campaigns Ethics.
  110. Healthcare Contracts Limitations.
  111. Digital Age Healthcare Dangers.
  112. Gender Bias in the Nursing Profession.
  113. Medicare Benefits.
  114. Starting Private Medical Practice.
  115. Legal Risks with the Non-English Patients.
  116. Medical Marijuana Management Rules.
  117. Shortage of Men in Healthcare.
  118. Medical Decisions & Apology Laws.
  119. Nursing Uniform Code Rules.
  120. Medical Home Service.
  121. Health issues caused by working as a nurse.
  122. Modern problems in nursing practice.
  123. Irregular working hours for the nurses: is it legal or illegal?
  124. The question of the safety being a traveling & a home nurse.
  125. The correlation between the boosted number of working hours & nursing services.
  126. Pharmacological management of rheumatoid arthritis & nursing implications.
  127. Day & night shifts: the nurse services peculiarities.
  128. Work-life balance when you work as a nurse.
  129. The problem of euthanasia & involving nurses.
  130. First-aid: how to work with scared & stressed patients.
  131. Pros & cons of the placebo method.
  132. Cosmetic surgery: statistics & probability.
  133. Pharmacological management of cystic fibrosis & its associated nursing implications.
  134. Best nursing practices & Time management.
  135. Nurses’ roles in the prevention of the spread of illnesses.
  136. The future of the nursing practice: advancing health, leading change.
  137. Characteristics of the simulation mannequins.
  138. The problem of medical ethics: coping with the terminal diagnosis.
  139. Pharmacological effects of the anti-coagulant medications in the ischemic stroke management & nursing implications.
  140. Nurse communities in Native American organizations.
  141. America as a country for the nurses: problems to improve or change.
  142. The qualities the leader in nursing should possess. 
  143. Getting rid of errors & Perception in nurse services.
  144. Pros & cons of euthanasia.

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The bottom line

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According to peer-reviewed feedback, nurses and healthcare are strongly interconnected. The proper care planning for medicine-pediatrics is a must. So every pediatric patient should be assisted appropriately according to the standards of community health and public health. The emergency room should be mentored by either young or adults.

The best questions about…

What is a good research question for nursing?

There are many nursing problems known. However, these ones are the best to conduct research: mental health, nutrition & hydration, pain relief therapy methods, brain injuries & rehabilitation methods, legal nursing, and breast cancer screening importance.

What is an example of nursing research?

an example of nursing research

What are some of the research topics in surgical nursing?

You might pick up one of the following research topics in surgical nursing: 

  1. Moral distress among nurses in surgical, medical, and intensive-care units.
  2. Nurse-to-nurse shift handoffs on the medical-surgical units: The process within the flow of nursing care.
  3. Nursing evaluation of continuous vital sign surveillance to master patient safety in the surgical/medical unit.
  4. Patients’ experiences & satisfaction about the care given by male nurses in the medical-surgical units in Islamabad, Pakistan.
  5. The economic burden of the nurse-sensitive adverse events in 22 of the medical-surgical units: matching & retrospective analysis.

How do I find a medical research topic?

First of all, brainstorm ideas. Secondly, read general background data. Thirdly, concentrate on the topic you like. Fourthly, create a list of useful keywords. Be flexible. Finally, identify your topic as a concentrated research question.

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