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Interesting medical topics to write about

medical topics to write about

Studying at a medical university or a nursing program is truly defiant. You will encounter a large number of assignments from your professors. These are theoretical and practical tasks, passing a professional internship, as well as writing medical essays.

Sometimes your professor may entrust you with a specific topic for an essay. But sometimes he or she will offer you to choose good medical topics to write about yourself. This means that you have every opportunity to write really high-quality and interesting paper. You can choose any direction for your essay. And we are ready to help you with this!

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Some useful tips to choose the medical essay topic

At first glance, it might seem that coming up with a topic for an essay is very easy. This is just one sentence about some medical aspects. But as soon as you find time for this, you will immediately understand where the difficulty lies in. The essay topic has several purposes. It should be interesting, informative, attracting attention. Here are some recommendations from our authors for your inspiration.

Think about your audience

The first thing you should do is imagine the readers of your essay. These can be other medical students, a college of professors, patients, people interested in medicine. When you write a paper, you should be on the same page as readers. Someone will perceive the abundance of professional terms with enthusiasm, and someone will simply close the paper. You should write intelligibly and professionally at the same time.

Use practical examples

Each time you present theoretical facts or arguments in your paper, you should illustrate them with practical examples. Therefore, when you choose a topic, you should find one for which you can pick up enough good examples. In the process of writing an essay, try to personalize your data. People remember stories, not numbers.

Check relevance

If you choose topics to write about in the medical field, they should be relevant. Every year, medicine develops very much and you might want to write about any of the outdated approaches. This is possible if you offer a new vision. But most readers are interested in new technologies and advances in healthcare.

13 Mental health topics ideas for the argumentative essay

  1. What impact does the environment have on our mental health?
  2. 5 arguments supporting the link between physical activity and health
  3. How social media affects mental health
  4. Social isolation: harm or benefit?
  5. Harm and effects of stress
  6. The most common mental disorders in the world
  7. Depression in children and adults
  8. Current practices for treating anxiety disorders
  9. How mental health affects the quality of life
  10. Medical opinion on stress relief meditations
  11. How mental health affects the physical one
  12. Are there mentally healthy people?
  13. A few arguments why you need a therapist

15 Healthcare essay topics you can choose

  1. E-Health technology: pros and challenges
  2. How does the healthcare system use big data?
  3. Several reasons to ban alternative medicine
  4. The most controversial issues of the American healthcare system
  5. Is telemedicine a disruptive innovation?
  6. How can a state reduce suicides?
  7. Why do people who oppose vaccines harm society?
  8. Prevention strategies for chronic diseases
  9. Comparison of health care systems in different countries
  10.  Career Development Paths in Healthcare
  11. Advantages and disadvantages of insurance medicine
  12. Why the population is dissatisfied with the level of medical care
  13. Top 5 trends in modern healthcare
  14. What will strengthen the medical system?
  15. Can a modern healthcare system withstand a pandemic?

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30 Interesting medical topics for your inspiration

30 medical topics for inspiration
  1. The principles of good nutrition from early childhood
  2. Is a surrogate pregnancy ethical?
  3. Anorexia: fashion or mortal danger?
  4. The consequences of medical errors in American hospitals
  5. Should healthcare providers act as ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle?
  6. Good reasons to not trust homeopaths
  7. How blood transfusion can harm health
  8. Eating disorders: what everybody should know
  9. Healthy vegan and vegetarian diet principles
  10. Workable strategies to maintain a healthy lifestyle
  11. Can we call experiments on people or animals ethical?
  12. How will medicine develop in the next 10 years?
  13. The difference between the approaches of Western and Eastern medicine
  14. How organ cloning will save thousands of lives
  15. Can we count on bioprinting technology?
  16. Who will invent a cure for cancer?
  17. Several ways to extend your lifespan
  18. The effect of advertising on our eating habits
  19. Is obesity a medical or a social issue?
  20. Why are there many centenarians in some countries?
  21. Depression: several risk factors
  22. Reasons why clinical trials are necessary
  23. Should medicine be a vocation or a way to make money?
  24. Caffeine and other legal drugs
  25. Reasons to legalize medical marijuana
  26. How does sports harm health?
  27. Ethical issues of euthanasia legalizing
  28. Should you give up carbohydrate foods?
  29. Alternative medical approaches that work
  30. Pandemics that changed the life of mankind

10 topics about doctors for your essay

  1. 5 skills needed by a future doctor
  2. Why should the state invest in medical education?
  3. Degrees of development of a medical career
  4. Reasons to choose the profession of a doctor
  5. Is there a professional deformation in medicine?
  6. Should doctors always remain ethical?
  7. Key principles that doctors must adhere to
  8. The future of medicine and new career roles
  9. Why can medicine replace the family?
  10. Techniques for medical work-life balance.

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Questions We Get From Other Students

How do you choose medical topics for an essay?

  • There are several creative techniques that you can use when you need to come up with a topic. The best technique is brainstorming. Its essence lies in the active work of the brain when it focuses solely on inventing ideas. Close your laptop, take a piece of paper and write down the 100 medical topics that came to your mind. The first third of them will be too obvious and simple. But the longer you think, the better you get. In the end, you’ll come up with an awesome topic for your essay.

How do you define a medical topic?

  • It is quite simple. This is any topic that is related to the topic of medicine. You can write about the disease, about the healthcare system, about preventive measures, testing a new medicine, etc. The main thing is to check the requirements of your professor, as he or she can indicate a specific direction for you. In this case, you will receive a task such as “Write an essay on essential health care issues” and you will be able to narrow the topic, but only within the given framework.

How long should be my medical essay topic? 

  • There are no universal rules regarding the length of the topic. But there is common sense. No one will read your essay if the topic is too long. A topic that is too short will not attract the attention of the reader. The optimal solution is 8-10 words. But if you have an interesting idea for 6 or 12 words, that’s good too.

What are the best medical school essay topics to write about?

  • Good medical topics to write about are those that briefly convey the idea of an essay and arouse interest among readers. They should not be boring, banal and obvious.

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